Are you on the hunt for an extraordinary school trip or top-notch reward for your students? Well, look no further! we’re the perfect fit.

Our secret recipe includes a dash of communication skills, a pinch of team-building, and a sprinkle of covert exercise (shhh, don’t spill the beans to the students!)

Our top-class laser tag headquarters are strategically located for schools in Milton Keynes, Buckingham, Bedford, Northampton, Aylesbury, Luton, and even London if you’re up for a bit of an adventure. We’re equipped to handle groups ranging from 16 to 50 players per session. So, if you’re up for an epic voyage in the name of fun and learning, give us a holler to arrange your mission.



3-Hour Laser Tag Session – Join us for a hilarious 3-hour laser tag extravaganza! It’s like a marathon of pew-pew with drink pit stops.

Exclusive Venue Access – You get the entire place to yourself – the seating area and game zones are your playground.

£22 per person – For just £22 per person (including all the sneaky taxes) round up 16 to 50 laser warriors for the ultimate showdown.

Free drink: – Thirsty? no worries! we’ve got free drinks: squash, water and some fancy tea and coffee for all players and spectators alike!

Bespoke Booking! – Times not an issue, we are extremely flexible to suit your schedule, even if you need time to travel to us, we’re here for you!

On weekdays, our amicable staff will be right in the thick of laser action, which free up the teachers to join in the chaos while we take charge of the students.

From 6 years old to seasoned adults, everyone’s invited to our laser tag showdown.

We’ll divide your group into two teams and send them off to battle in epic missions. Who’ll emerge victorious? Find out as you all sharpen your communication, teamwork, and leadership skills, all while having a blast!