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Whether you are 8 or a pensioner then come and step outside in to the fresh air whether its refreshing rain or glorious sunshine Urban Battlefields will make it a day to remember. This is no impact outdoor laser tag at its finest – no more cramped, hot and stuffy indoors!

We use the latest British made laser taggers that puts us ahead in delivering an extremely lightweight reliable weapon. Its a consistent weapon you can trust in battle, helping you seek that victory.

We have unique playing maps that are on open fields delivering game scenarios such as: TEAM ELIMINATION, CAPTURE THE FLAG and everyone’s favourite DOMINATION.

Each game scenario will be played on different gaming maps, it’s just like stepping into your very own video game.

Please wear appropriate outdoor footwear

Now all you have to do is decide…

Are you a sniper taking out your targets from distance?

Or the runner and gunner that goes in close and creates mayhem for the enemy?


.. each player will be placed into teams and given a safety brief.

Players have the option to wear some of our very funky camouflage overalls, just let us know and we will kit you out.

Wearing one of our camouflage hats is compulsory as our gun sensors are worn on the head.

You will then be given one of our gorgeous laser weapons and shown how very simple it is to use – but most importantly which way to point it, after all you don’t want to be shooting yourself now do you?!

Once you are ready you will be escorted to the playing arena where the fun really begins.

£20 per person

2 hours game play
Advance Booking Only
(£10 deposit upon booking)

  • Instructors and Adult Supervision
  • Latest Technology Laser Guns
  • Free Juice Drinks
  • Free Tea and Coffee
  • Camouflage Hats
  • Coveralls (optional)
  • Varied Game Scenarios
  • Toilet Facilities with hot / cold running water
  • Free on site car parking
  • Hand sanitising station
  • Security lockers for valuables
  • No woodland so great views of the countryside

Contact us for availability.

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