Are you seeking a way to motivate or reward your employees? Enhance teamwork and communication skills in an enjoyable manner? Then our offerings are an ideal fit for your needs.
In light of the increasing number of employees working remotely and having fewer opportunities to collaborate, coming to our venue brings your team together in a safe and outdoor setting, fostering a positive team culture and boosting morale.



2-Hour Laser Tag Session: Join us for an entertaining 2-hour laser tag experience, featuring three exciting missions to determine the ultimate champion.

Exclusive Venue Access: You’ll have exclusive access to our entire facility, including the seating area and game zones.

Packages: Please feel free to reach out to us regarding a range of adaptable optional packages.

Complimentary Refreshments: Stay hydrated with our complimentary beverages, including squash, water, and a selection of tea and coffee for all participants and spectators.

Flexible Booking: We accommodate your schedule, even if you require extra travel time to reach us. We offer flexible booking options.

Additional Game Time: If 2 hours of playtime isn’t enough and you desire more, please contact us for additional information.

Hyper Shock: For the adventurous, take laser tag to the next level with a mild shock when you’re tagged. Suitable for a maximum of 10 players.

Our friendly staff will organise the event thus ensuring that everyone can be free to join in the fun. We’ll divide your group into two teams and send them on exciting missions. Discover who will emerge as the victor while sharpening your communication, teamwork, and leadership skills.