Hyper Shock

Hyper Shock is the laser tag accessory taking the world by storm. If you like Laser Tag, then you must try Hyper Shock, countless hours of laughs and giggles bringing memories that will last a lifetime, what can possibly be better than an electric zap for being shot, it really excels laser tag to a level you would not have experienced before. As exhilarating as paintball and airsoft but without the bruises.

£25 per person (Maximum 10 players per session)

Hyper Shock at Urban Battlefields

Don’t miss out on a great experience!!

Is it safe?

  • Hyper Shock is 100% safe for players, the ‘zap’ is enough to know you have been hit, but not enough to cause any harm.
  • Minimum age of 16 to be fitted with Hyper Shock.
  • Insurance Approved
  • One use sterile disposable pads for each participant